Frequent Say What! participant N.O.R.E. tweeted his displeasure about not being included in VH1's Def Jam celebration at Hip Hop Honors. "I bet they honer the neptunes my name wouldn't even come up They'll give everybody else props!!! Lyor stalked me to be on defjam." It's cool, you're still T.O.N.Y. [RapRadar]

The dudes in rock band Cobra Starship like, don't read treatments for their music videos bro. "The treatment doesn't matter ... all that matters is Kai Regan is directing the video. He sent me a couple of treatments, I didn't read 'em," Cobra singer Gabe Saporta joked. "All I know is that he made our last video and it was the best video we ever made. We got nominated for two VMAs, so this video is going to be as awesome, if not awesomer...And to make it even more awesome," he continued. "We all grew mustaches." We don't know who Cobra Starship is, but bro, that is sick that you didn't pay attention to that crucial information. [MTV]

John Mayer calls the current era we live in, "The Hate-rix, according to MTV. "I call it that because it's not really happening. It's just this fake world of people criticizing other people," he laughed. "It's a shame, but look, that's what it comes down to in America. Miley [Cyrus] is somebody who's made a bunch of money doing something she loves. Most people do things they hate, for less money. If somebody can repurpose something that somebody loves doing for a lot of money, in order to make a little bit of that money, they're gonna do it." We can't completely argue with that. Then he added, "I would rather tell the world to eat my a--h--- before I would delete my Twitter account." And then wipe it with hundred dollar bills, or whatever, the rebel. [MTV]

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