In probably the greatest angry rap dude moment since Dame Dash crashed Def Jam's office, this clip of Pusha T freaking out on his manager (sorry Steven) right here? Pusha to Manager: "You know what? Matter of fact, dogg, this aint even the fans. I aint even gonna blame them. This is you. This is you, and your motherf-----' computer clan. Your motherf-----', that tribe of men you walk around with in f-----' New York who wear leggings. And take me to motherf------' clubs with 90 fucking pound white women who smoke cigarettes." Yowch. [NahRight]

50 Cent appeared on L.A. radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood and aired Game out, again, explaining why he'd never work with him again. "Game's background, when you go into that, you find he was a stripper. Like, he used to work at his mom's, you know, strip club." It's sad because it's probably true. [Youtube]

Actress Olivia Wilde was voted Maxim's "Hottest Woman." Megan Fox was voted #2, but had previously made the following comments to say about Wilde's looks, "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." To which Wilde replied, "That's very kind of her...But I hope not. As an animal activist, I hope [she wouldn't kill an ox]." Well, that's just weird. [MTV]

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