50 Cent graces to the cover of this month's XXL, and had some interesting views about the American economy, to boot. "America has turned into a crack house. A place to distribute product, we don't manufacture nothing so we got to get back to that. Even the clothes we're wearing is being shipped back on a slow boat to China." This is a pretty cool crack house though, let's be honest. [Bossip]

Young Dro discussed his new mixtape, entitled 'R.I.P. (I Killed That S---),' saying, "I kill everything I do. If you see me in some clothes, I killed that. If you see me in my whip, I killed that. If you hear my flows, I killed that. I be killing stuff. Then we putting rests in peace to - everybody talking swag this, swag that - I killed that. I'm the #1 guy, I'm gonna kill it. R.I.P." Yo, did anyone see 'Curb' last week, when Larry David killed that swan? Or when he killed that golfer? Yo, he killed that. Sorry, what were you saying Dro? You be killing stuff too? [MTV]

Canibus has had a pretty long/strange rap career, but don't expect him to show up and just rap for you. On a recent radio run, the serious rapper refused to rhyme for "Invasion Radio," then took offense when the show's DJ jokingly offered a hot 16 of her own. "Yo don't disrespect and say you have 16 bars," Canibus warned the DJ. "That's what I'm saying man. You have to have respect for men who rock rhymes all day and all night. It's a game to you. I've been vocaling and doing shows for four weeks, then I come up here and just look at me like, 'Yo, spit somethin'." What a guy. [HipHopWired]