New York rapper Saigon appeared on Shade 45's 'The Morning After' show with Angela Yee on Monday, where he discussed the release of his perpetually-delayed album 'The Greatest Story Never Told.' Following the release of his album, Sai claimed that he might finally reprise his role on 'Entourage,' where he played a rapper named Saigon (stretch!) who was managed by the show's character Turtle.

"I can get back on 'Entourage,' [if] I put my album out," he told Yee. "Yeah, they like 'where we gonna go with the story n----, you still where we left you!' That's a storyline."

Eight months after being released from his contract with Atlantic Records, Sai revealed that his new EP 'The Yardfather's Prologue' will be hitting shelves next week, with his long-awaited album 'The Greatest Story Never Told' coming -- fingers crossed -- in February. Saigon also revealed that his non-profit organization, In Arms Reach, has received a federal grant to help mentor and educate children with parents in correctional institutions.

"We just got a grant from the Government for In Arms Reach, to help us with these kids, man. Big shout to Barack Obama for letting us help out."

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