K. Michelle needed to get something off of her chest and Power 105's Angela Yee was her main target.

The singer went on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (March 29) with a bone to pick with the radio host. Last week, rapper Uncle Murda was on the show and Yee asked him about K. Michelle, and his response, he offered some lewd comments about the Love and Hip Hop star.

“She got that stink coochie, I call it 'the K. Michelle,' sometimes. I just speak what’s on my mind. I know people who did certain things with her. My man said it was not right," he said after being asked about previous comments on Michelle.

So during her interview with The Breakfast Club, K. Michelle decided to clap back while live on the air.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know who [Uncle Murda] was,” K. Michelle said. “First off, you have these old ass men promoting a mixtape, let’s look at that first. I mean, he’s 40 with a mixtape--there’s no need to address that.” Ouch.

But then she quickly turned her attention to Yee, who she blamed for instigating the conversation.

“What I am going to say to you, Angela, is that you are a woman, I have been very supportive of you and encouraging of you; the interview was over and the credits were rolling and you brought that back up,” said K. Michelle “No woman wants a body. I know you want ratings but, as a woman, you should have known better and at the end of the day, I’m not f------ with you.”

Later, Yee responded with a tweet: “No one will ever bait me into an argument when those love and hip-hop cameras are rolling.” Yee was referring to the singer being filmed by cameras from her reality show while they were conducting the interview.

The interview came as K. Michelle is promoting her latest album, More Issues Than Vogue. It seems that the singer is onto something. Check out K. Michelle's comments around the 20:47 mark in the video above.

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