Though fans had all but given up on hopes that Saigon's long-delayed 'The Greatest Story Never Told' album would see the light of day, the album was finally released last week and did, well, Soulja Boy numbers.

"You know what's CRAZY??? I sold almost 12K records in one week and I only got 6K Twitter followers ... I did Souljah Boy numbers kid," Saigon tweeted on Thursday, after clocking in the No. 7 rap album for the week, according to Billboard.

"I'm very thankful to all those that went out and supported me by picking up a copy of 'The Greatest Story Never Told' in stores or on iTunes," Saigon said in a statement. "After all the struggles I've had trying to get this record out ... I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever see my record up there on the Billboard Charts right alongside all the major players in the game. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Saigon and helping score a victory for conscious hip-hop music."

The Soulja Boy comment is a reference to the fact that the Atlanta rapper only sold 13,000 copies of his recent 'The DeAndre Way' album in the first week of sales, despite having over 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

After a 7-year wait, Saigon's album, which was executive-produced by Just Blaze and features Jay-Z, Kanye West, Faith Evans and Swizz Beatz, was released by indie label Suburban Noize Records on Feb. 15.

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