New York's Bowery Mission, one of the oldest and most storied homeless shelters in the United States, has teamed up with rapper Saigon to distribute blankets in NYC during one of the Northeast's coldest winters in recent memory. The rapper, who is set to release his long-awaited 'The Greatest Story Never Told' debut LP on Suburban Noize Records, volunteered with the Mission and personally helped distribute over a hundred blankets to needy citizens.

"Me and some friends of mine, the Ahujas that own a garment manufacturing company, took to the very cold streets of New York City over these past couple of nights to hand out warm blankets to help the homeless stay warm," said Saigon. "We covered Port Authority, Penn Station and the Bowery Mission Homeless shelter handing out over a hundred blankets. I did it because I had a little down time after finishing up my album and my friends, the Aluhjas, had some extra blankets so we decided to go hand them out to the homeless."

Sai follows in the footsteps of rapper KRS-One in volunteering for the Bowery Mission. Of course, many other hip-hop artists lend a helping hand at shelters by distributing food when it's most needed. For Saigon, who is just returning to the public eye after years of label limbo, it's about giving back to his community and making sure that some of the people he walks by everyday won't have to face freezing in the streets.

"If we can prevent one person from freezing to death out there on the streets, that makes everything worth it," he continued. "I wish more hip-hop artists would step up and help give something back to their communities. If everyone used the power they have to lend a helping hand, hopefully it would inspire others to do the same."

Saigon is a personal favorite to The He sat down with us late last year and chitchatted about 'The Greatest Story Never Told.' Watch the interview below.

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