Knowing what your good at in life is only half the battle, but luckily for Fairfield, Calif. native Sage the Gemini, he has clearly won the war when it comes to finding success in the music industry,

He began rhyming at 8 years old and was recording himself by the time he was a teenager. This is a one-man band, word to Swizz Beatz. Sage is a skilled songwriter and producer, which means he owes much of his success on the Billboard charts to himself. While on his grind, his talent and aspirations soon caught the eye of fellow Bay Area MC IamSu! and together, along with the HBK Gang -- a collective of rappers, directors and producers established by Su known as the Heartbreak Gang -- they've earned the status of hometown heroes.

However, even with chart-topping singles like “Red Nose” and “Gas Pedal,” which he produced himself, Sage is still a rookie eager for playing time and dedicated to putting in the work to become a member of the starting lineup. He did just that with his 2014 debut album, Remember Me, which featured appearances from Justin Beiber, August Alsina and his HBK big brother IamSu! Not only did the project find him flexing his production chops, but it also highlighted his ability to move fluidly between the genres of pop and hip-hop.

While the album only debuted at No. 47 on the Billboard 200 chart, it was just what Sage needed to get his momentum going. A year later, he’s currently focusing on his sophomore album, Bachelor Party, led by two new singles “Guantanamera" featuring Trey Songz (a remake of the classic Sandpipers track) and the Nick Jonas-assisted dance track “Good Thing."

The 22-year-old took a break from recording, reading scripts and being what he calls “a regular kid” to chop it up with The Boombox. He reveals how Trigga joined him on “Guantanemera,” gives details on his forthcoming LP and opens up about his new girlfriend, Jordin Sparks. According to him, they're already married. Sage also has a special message for Andre 3000. Get involved with the discussion below.

The Boombox: What inspired you to create your new song “Guantanamera?" How did the collaboration with Trey come about?  

Sage the Gemini: Actually, really it just came to my mind. I was just freestyling the chorus… it’s like something just gets stuck in your head like "Guantanamera." It sounds like it’s hard to say so it’s interesting for people to try to say it. When I was recording, Trey Songz was recording in the next room. We kind of know each other -- well, not like know him where I go over his house -- but he was next door and Steelo Brim from Ridiculousness, that’s my partner he played it for Trey and he started shaking his head and said, "I coming over there to record that right now."

Were you aware of Wyclef’s song of the same name? Do you feel they have a similar connection outside of the song title? 

I mean no, not at all. I mean, I did know that Wyclef has a song with same title. I just found out he had the same title... because I don’t hear stuff when it’s played and I catch on to it later in my ear. But I never was like "Let me copy off Clef."

Listen to Sage the Gemini's "Guantanamera" Feat. Trey Songz

Do you have a title for the new album yet? And what’s the vibe for this project? 

Yeah, it’s called Bachelor Party. It’s all over the place. It’s not even just one genre. It’s all types of music like pop, R&B, hip-hop, rap, lyrical, fun, party music, everything.

What other new song off the album are you excited for fans to hear that you haven’t talked about yet?

Probably the ones I am not supposed to talk about yet [laughs].

Which producers and artists are you looking to work with on your new project? Can you talk about that?

I mean yeah, I can because I haven’t worked with them yet. But I want to work with Chris Brown. We have been trying to get together and work on something. He is on the road all the time and when he does get back, he still has work to handle at home. I am also trying to get Andre 3000 on the album as well.

You have had two chart-topping singles: 2013's "Red Nose" and "Gas Pedal" featuring IamSu! What do you have in store on the new album that will bring you that kind of success?

I can’t call it. I don’t want to call it and jinx myself. I am not a really a cocky person to say, "Oh, yeah, this is dope," because I don’t know the future. A lot of good music that I was putting out wasn’t even getting heard by anybody, then I put out “Red Nose” and “Gas Pedal,” which I didn’t think was going to do s---. Yeah, so I can’t call it. I feel pretty good about this album; it’s better than the last album. 

Watch Sage the Gemini's "Red Nose" Video

Recently on Twitter, you wrote, “I'm tired of speakin highly of people and I turn around they speakin lowly of me but I bet if u look in they bio I'm in it lol.” What experiences cause you to say things like that? Do you feel like many of your work relationships in the music business are shady?

The industry is shady, period. But I was speaking about people in general… a lot of people who feel like they are entitled to some of my success.

Do you mean like friends of the past or people you grew up with?

Actually, I didn’t grow up with none of those people. That’s the funny part. They weren’t with me shooting in the gym. I remember them lonely ass nights when I was by myself recording the songs that got big. Nobody was there for me. My mama was telling me to turn the music down; nobody had a place for me to record.

Some of the dance songs... like people think “Red Nose” is a dance [based on the video], they like, "You stole the dance." Not once did you see me say there or did they hear me say “Red Nose” was a dance. People be hating on me because they are trying to do their thing and I be thinking I am cool with these people. I will see them shake their hand but on social media they are talking hella mess.

You have a way with the ladies. You are currently dating Jordin Sparks, right? 

Yeah, I’m currently married to Jordin Sparks [laughs]!

How is she influencing your music?

Aww man. She is very beautiful as a person and an artist. I feel like she influences me as just a person doing music more than as an artist because we are best friends first. I never came in contact with a woman like her before. It’s like you know when you come into contact with a woman who is beautiful, she’s usually nasty in her personality as a human, she’s not a good person. Either she’s out for the money or something else.

But you know, I make very good money, but she makes more money than me. [Jordin has] been in the game for like 10 years already. Jordin’s older, smarter and she has a great personality. She compromises as far as relationships go. Not even that, but when I am sick she really takes care of me. It’s not like, "Aww baby,” its like she really takes care of me. She holds me down, for real.

Is there a new song we can expect from the two of you?

Oh yeah, we have a song already called “Gasoline,” but we are talking about creating more. We don’t know yet about the album [laughs].

You’re very open about your relationship on social media while other rappers tend to keep their relationships private. Why is it important for you to just be free with the woman in your life? 

I think other dudes aren’t as open because they still want to go out and have sex with everybody and their mama. As a male human being, there are women out their who customize their bodies and they are born certain ways where some body parts are bigger than another girl’s body parts and you are looking like, "God damn!" But as long as you continue to be successful, then people will continue to look at your Instagram page, but when they look at it and see that you have a girlfriend, some people can’t control themselves.

Like me, I love booty and she [Jordin] knows that. So if I see a nice one, I will be like, "Oh my God," but I text her right away and say, "Babe, I just looked at booty. I’m sorry." She’ll be like, "Okay." Even if I do mess up and have a weak point, a chick will say, "Oh don’t you go out with Jordin Sparks?" and I am like, "I sure do. Thanks for reminding me."

You started rhyming and recording yourself when you were like 14, but what would you be doing if you were not a rapper? 

I would probably pursue a career as a fireman or a teacher. Then I was doing a little bit of modeling so I would most likely continue doing that.

Will Smith is one of your career inspirations. What is it about him that makes you want to follow in his footsteps?

He’s like hella funny. He didn’t let the fame get to him. He’s just a genuine person. I’ve been watching his career for so long. I act like him. He inspires me to stay humble in this whole situation called life. 

Have you met him?

I’ve seen him in person and almost cried. Like literally shed a tear. I don’t even get starstruck like that. But I saw him at Ne-Yo’s Grammy party like a year or two ago. My little brother Eric was like, "Aye, don’t look now but Will Smith is behind you." I said, "Swear to God." I looked and I was like, "Oh boy." I went over to his security guard and he told me he was with his friends. But I shook his hand and just went back to my brother.

Acting is one of your career goals as well. Are there any plans to star in a movie soon? Reading scripts?

I would love that. But... yes, we are going over a few scripts now, but I don’t want to jinx it.

What other ventures outside of music are you involved in?

I don’t know. I am still a big kid. I eat at Taco Bell. I still live in a community that is not gated. I don’t know how to draw, but my hobby is just music. I am getting back into basketball. I think I just like to have fun.

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