Rita Ora might be dating Wiz Khalifa now, but in her latest video for "Body on Me," Chris Brown is the man she wants to cozy up to.

As she lays it out blatantly in the lyrics, the visual takes that sexual attraction to the next level. It all begins with a chance meeting in an elevator, where Rita and Chris find out they both live across the hall from each other. Then once they're in their own apartments, all bets are off and they start fantasizing about what it would be like together.

If you haven't guessed yet, the clothes start coming off. Rita also shows a bit of patriotism by clothing herself with the British flag. By the end of the video, Chris entices Rita to join him on the roof where the two do some solid choreography.

But all isn't what it seems to be here. We won't ruin it for you so that means you'll just have to press play to find out what really goes down.

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