Rico Love is the hardest working man in showbiz right now. If he’s not writing a song for your favorite artists, he’s dropping music himself or producing another hit. The talented tunesmith appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Thursday (May 21) to talk about his workaholic nature and his new album,  

Since the 32-year-old producer is so busy in the studio, DJ Envy wondered how he’s able to create songs for different artists so quickly.

“I never do...throwaways,” he explained. “I don’t shop music. You keep yourself way more exclusive if you don’t send every [artist] the same record.”

“So what I do is I’ll be selective. I’ll do 20 songs and won’t shop any of them,” he continues. “And months go by and nobody has ever heard of them. But when I go in the studio with somebody, I’m like, “I think this will work for you.” I believe in collecting catalog and collecting music and not whoring yourself out.”

The conversation then led to getting Usher and Wiz Khalifa on the “Somebody Else” remix. Love revealed that he had an idea that Wiz was going to talk about his breakup with Amber Rose on the track.

“That’s the reason why I called him,” he said. “I just know [he] went through a serious heartbreak. The song is about heartbreak [so] talk about it.”

“Men are so comfortable talking about getting money… but we don’t express pain, we don’t express fear, we don’t express remorse, because we feel that’s weak,” he adds. “But I always tell people honesty is the most strong thing a man could be.”

He also discussed his brief work with songwriter Tiara Thomas (of Wale’s “Bad” fame). The crooner (who raps as well) acknowledged that she’s one of the most creative songwriters in the game. But he felt that some of the negative attention being sent her way put her in a bad space as far as songwriting. “She started writing different type of records that I didn’t think were superstar calibre records for her,” he recalls. “I think she was bigger than the songs she was writing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Love told a funny anecdote, in which he and Usher felt that his 2002 song “Yeah” was the wackest thing they ever heard when they first cut it in the studio. Of course, they were wrong -- it became a No. 1 R&B hit. And Love and Usher now laugh about how wrong they were at the time. Plus, he opening up about his new album, Turn the Lights On. He shared with The Breakfast Club the meaning behind the title.

“The lights they represents success, they represent money… and things that happen to you when you become successful,” he explained. “When the lights come on you, what you are going to do? Instead of me making a whole album about how many cars I bought and my big house, let me talk about how [success] affects you.”

Rico Love dropped plenty of jewels about producing in the music business. If you are a beat maker, stop what you’re doing and watch The Breakfast Club interview above.

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