On Rico Love’s latest single, “Somebody Else,” the singer-songwriter yearns for an ex-lover whose moved on to another man. So for the remix, who better to grab for relationship talk than Usher and Wiz Khalifa. Both men have endured public breakups and detail the drama on Love’s “Somebody Else” remix.

The song is catching a lot of buzz over Usher’s and Wiz’s verses. Judging by their lyrics, it’s safe to presume that they are talking about their ex-wives Tameka Raymond and Amber Rose, respectively.

Interestingly, while Rico is hoping to get his ex back, Usher, on the other hand, wishes his former wife would move on. Bye, Felicia.

"Ohh, I’m really hoping she finds somebody else / And it won't get better till you try somebody else," he sings. "She be all in to the drama, But I just want us to be close / She all about the commotion, I swear she gotta heart of stone/ Can't turn back time."

However, Wiz follows Rico's lead and talks about how his marriage to Rose crashed and burned.

"Thought I had it, all the magic / I couldn’t imagine it, then it all went tragic / Automatically I'm the bad one / I was only doing us, gave you everything / A kid, a house, and a wedding ring / And now you talk about you can do better things," he raps.

He then adds, "'Cause being alone ain't what you wanna be / And me with a girl ain't what you wanna see / And truthfully, it ain't you, its me."

There are a lot of subliminal messages in Wiz's verse but it's clear that he and Rose need some closure or, at the very least, give their marriage another try.

Dr. Phil diagnosis aside, "Somebody Else" (Remix) is an infectious and reflective love ballad that should garner plenty of spins on urban radio.

Rico Love is set to release his debut album, Turn the Lights On, on May 19.

Listen to Rico Love's "Somebody Else" (Remix) Feat. Usher & Wiz Khalifa

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