Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love' is already hit, but Rico Love and Plies wanted to add some male perspective into the conversation with their remix of the track.

With Rico's buttery vocals kicking off the song ("You been drinkin' / I can tell / I know your body so well / Because I got my on you") it's obvious where this song is going -- straight to the bedroom. While Bey isn't hiding her sensual love for Jay Z on the original track, both Rico and Plies make a point to get X-rated and dirty on this bump and grind tune.

Rico might be talking about a new girl, but Plies only wants to have fun with someone he's already been with and explicitly raps about how he wants to get down with her. "I hope your gag reflex is working / Don't need you throwing up in here," he spits on the mic.

There's nothing like a song of this nature to make your holiday season that much warmer.

Listen to Rico Love & Plies' 'Drunk in Love' Remix