The phrase "Rich Forever" isn't just the name of one of Rick Ross' mixtapes, and it's not just one of his mantras. The phrase now sits in the middle of his chin as a new tattoo.

The ink was done by famed tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, who also did pieces for rappers like Game and Drake, and apparently he was extremely honored to create something for the 'The Devil Is A Lie' rapper.

"Just tatooed @rickyrozay the man himself. Rich Forever under his lip. Single needle action," tweeted Hurtado.

Of course this isn't Ross' first facial tattoo, as he already sports an image of the state of Florida in between his eyebrows, the Cazal logo under his right eye, and the letter "W" over his right eyebrow. And that's just for starters.

Reportedly, the burly lyricist has over 100 tattoos, which covers most of his body, but his latest piece may be the most prominent and easiest to notice. Especially since it sits right in the middle of his chin, at the center of his thick beard.

And unlike Gucci Mane's face tattoo of an ice cream cone, Ross' ink is a little more tasteful. At least that's what some people might say.