Fresh out of doing a short bid in jail and a mental facility, Gucci Mane is spoiling himself with a new treat. The Atlanta rapper recently paid a visit to Tenth Street Tattoo where he got a giant ice cream cone tatted on his right cheek. The cone, applied by owner Shane Willoughby, features red lightning bolts shooting out of the ice cream scoops and his signature catch phrase "Brrr" is inscribed at the top of the cone.

Pictures of Gooch surfaced online earlier today, showing him for the first time since he got out of the loony bin. Last week, Gucci was committed to a mental health facility a day after getting sent to jail after filing a special plea of mental incompetency, which claimed that he was unable to "intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing."

The incarceration stemmed from a December arrest at Waka Flocka Flame's Atlanta home, when police raided the residence and discovered drugs, guns and gang-related activity. Gucci, who was in the home at the time of the raid, was arrested, and was held pending a possible 17-month prison sentence if convicted of violating his probation. His next court date is Jan. 24.

Despite the controversy, Gucci is back at work, taking to his Twitter account earlier this week to announce his new mixtape 'Gucci 2X.' He also released a music video for a song off the tape, 'Gucci Two Times.'

Watch Gucci Mane's 'Gucci Time' feat. Swizz Beatz
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