Rich Homie Quan is not going to win any Father of the Year Awards with his latest video. The Atlanta rhymer is receiving some backlash over a clip in which he’s smoking weed with his young son on his lap.

In the video, the “Flex” rapper is taking a toke while his son is drinking his sippy cup. “I be with my dog like Shaggy,” he says before his son coughs. Maybe from the weed smoke?

Although it doesn’t appear the baby notices what his father is doing behind him, smoking a blunt around a toddler is not a good idea. The backlash from the video was swift as fans threatened to call child services on the rapper.

Rich Homie Quan seems perplexed as to why there's so much hate thrown his way. On Thursday (Sept. 24), the “Walk Thru” rapper went on his Instagram account to address the situation.

“Why's everybody hating on meeee ???” reads the caption above the photo.

Fans are not too pleased with Rich Homie Quan and have expressed their displeasure of him smoking weed in front of his son.

"I used to love you til you smoked weed around a baby," wrote one fan, while another person commented, "Piece of s---!!! You smoked weed with your baby in your lap!?! AWFUL PIECE OF S---!!!!! YOU NEED TO BE IN JAIL."

So yeah, people are really upset.

What do you think of Rich Homie Quan smoking weed with his son on his lap? Should child services be called or should we mind our own business? Tell us in the comments below.

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