Rich Homie Quan is one of Atlanta’s favorite sons, and the hip-hop star being born and raised in a city with so much hip-hop history, Quan understands the culture and reflected on what the music scene has meant to him throughout his life. Even before he became a recording artist, he recognized the reputation.

“I remember Young Dro had the game on lock,” “My tenth grade year in high school, he came with swag and Polo.”

Boost Mobile’s “We Are Where You At” multi-media campaign that highlights stars in hip hop and music, art, action sports, and dance such as hip hop artists Desiigner and Murs, pro skateboarders Chris Chann and Terry Kennedy, pro surfer Rob Machado and others. And Quan, as well as his take on Atlanta hip-hop, is as uniquely specific as the campaign itself.

Quan came of age as snap and trap music were dominating the airwaves. Thinking back to his adolescence and watching artists like Dro and Jeezy represent the city and take over the charts, it motivated younger artists to follow in their footsteps.

“Those videos made you feel like you had to live up to [it],” Quan recalled.

Quan also gave props to Gucci Mane. Quan praises the Atlanta rap mainstay for playing a major role in mentoring so many Atlanta rappers before they became household names.

“He had a vision,” Quan admits. “He saw it in us before we saw it in us.”

And the influence of Atlanta rappers on hip-hop from elsewhere has become much more obvious—but Quan says that it’s not new.

“I feel as if t’s something that’s been going on,” he shares. “Right now, they’re revealing it more, as opposed to sneaking and doing it.”

Quan is adamant that Atlanta hip-hop has to always be connected to authenticity. Acknowledging that the music can be preoccupied with swag, Quan also believes that there has to be some sort of message or a reflection of reality in the songs. And he says that he wants his music, in particular, to be more than just background music for a night at the club.

“I just want to talk about the things that motivate me,” says Quan. “And hopefully it can motivate you.”

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