Rappers love tattoos but Rich Homie Quan’s newest skin art might raise a few eyebrows. The “Flex” rapper got a tattoo of infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

On Wednesday (Nov. 4), the Atlanta rhymer shared photos of his new tat. Escobar’s face nearly covers his arm. While the drug lord’s image and name is often celebrated in hip-hop, we don't know of any artists that actually got him tattooed on their body.

Now before you throw slander at RHQ, he did explain why he wanted to get a tattoo of a man who flooded the world with cocaine and distributed a large portion of the drugs that entered into the U.S. On top of that, he was a notorious murderer in Colombia and abroad.

For Rich Homie Quan, Escobar represents money, power and respect.

"If you don't know the REAL Escobar, Pablo fed his people and took care of his family; and THATS what I stand for," he wrote in the caption. "If u don't like it unfollow me. Kno the meaning why I got the [tat]. Wat man do u kno make 60milliin a day. So I don't really care Wat y'all think."

Yes, Pablo Escobar made a lot of money and he helped his family and other people along the way. But make no mistake about it, Escobar also left a lot of misery behind him as well. Just ask the families of people he allegedly murdered.

But we digress. It's Quan's body and he can get whatever tattoo he wants. Props to tattoo artist Ryan Jenkins who did an incredible job on the artwork.

What do you think of Rich Homie Quan's tattoo of Pablo Escobar? Tell us in the comments below.

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