Brooklyn rapper ReP couldn't make it any more clearer what borough he hails from. In his new video for "ReP Brooklyn," the visual showcases his take on the borough, gentrification and tension between the police and the community.

"Objectively, the goal was to capture Brooklyn and that's what we did," ReP tells The Boombox.

The Berman Fenelus-directed clip starts with a speech by Pain in Da Ass, known for being the voice behind several narrations on Jay Z's albums. "The new Brooklyn. Nice place to live. But it wasn't always that way. The neighborhood done changed," he states as scenes of Brooklyn change between the Brooklyn Bridge, brownstones, a close-up of a cop car and a white women walking.

"But I recall the old Brooklyn. Back then, it wasn't known as the 718. It was more like the 187," continues Pain in Da Ass, alluding to the changes gentrification has brought and the police penal code (and slang term) to call in a murder. "But some s--- never changes, In the end the only thing they'll remember you by is your rep."

Enter ReP. The rapper calls out different neighborhoods in Brooklyn like Bed-Stuy, Flatbush, Crown Heights and Brownsville while showing paint-chipped bodegas, residents and street signs.

"I'm so Brooklyn / Hit it out the park, go Dodgers / Brooklyn raised me, better respect my father / Tough love that made a n---- grow fonder," he raps.

Boot Camp Clik's very own Buckshot delivers a solid verse, giving the rap newbies a blueprint to go by. "Riding in the city with my eyes closed / I suppose you f---in' with me / I should pose for that camera shot / You amateurs / I'll damage ya."

"I'm from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Growing up, I seen Buckshot and Boot Camp Clik a lot, I looked up to them. So for a record like this, Buckshot was a perfect person to collaborate with because he's done a lot for the borough and hip-hop," ReP explains. "Having Buckshot in the video sealed the deal. Visually, I think the fans needed to see that, hip-hop needed to see that and New York needed to know that."

"ReP Brooklyn" appears on ReP's forthcoming project Just to Get a ReP Pt. II, which will arrive before the summer is over. Fans should expect more from ReP, who says he's "working, grinding and building [his] brand. A new EP, "Let Me Be Great" and "Just to Get a ReP Pt. 3" are also on the way.

Listen to ReP's Just to Get a ReP Pt. 1

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