A rally for Meek Mill is set to be held this evening (Nov 13) in Philadelphia.

Since his sentence of two to four years for violating his probation, Meek Mill has earned the support of fans and peers. Most of his supporters believe that the lengthy sentence was not only harsh but unjust—especially given the specifics of Meek's case. He was arrested twice earlier this year for minor infractions and both cases were dismissed—he'd been probation for the past 10 years for a gun and drug charge. Both the D.A. and the prosecution recommended no jail time in the case.

Last week, a petition asking Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolfe to reevaluate his sentencing was started and rappers including Jay-Z criticized the sentence as well, calling it "unjust and heavy handed." For many critics, Meek's sentencing isn't just about the Philly rapper, but rather, indicative of the pressing need for criminal justice reform and the way black men end up caught in the system for years, boosting for-profit prisons.

"Our criminal justice system has failed Meek Mill and millions of others like him. We stand for justice," reads one flyer, which calls for a crowd to gather at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

See the flyer, which was shared by several of Meek's hip-hop peers, below.


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