Method Man

On March 30, Wu-Tang Clan veterans Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon will unleash their new album 'Wu Massacre.' The MCs have made it clear that the album was a hasty project, produced on a tight budget and they explained that it will change nothing about the original Wu-Tang legacy.

Although the album only features some of the group's original members, Method Man says it the trio had no intentions of creating any permanent alterations to the Wu-Tang lineup. "We're not doing this to win. We're not doing this to bring Wu-Tang to the forefront. We're not doing this to save the group. We're a part of the group," Meth said in an interview. "This album could have been done by Deck, U-God and GZA. Either/or, it's still Wu-Tang. The bottom line with this LP, it was something fans always requested."

According to Method Man, the three rappers were afforded limited time and money to record the album, thanks to some pushing from their label. "Def Jam put a rush on it," Meth said. "We didn't have a lot of time to work on it. We recorded with no budget. It is what it is. We did this for the fans. It felt good to get in the studio with Rae and Ghost."

Due to hectic schedules, Meth, Ghostface and Rae were forced to record most of their versus separately, but promised that they will deliver the classic Wu-Tang rhymes that fans expect. "A lot of the production was dealt with through us playing phone tag," Raekwon told MTV. "Ghost had a lot to do with really binding the album together. It's a great album. I think the people gonna enjoy it. One thing about me that I could say is, lyrically, it's never been a problem for us to deliver." Despite the low budget fans should expect lyrical battles and a slew of guest appearances.