'Sweet Serenade' is the type of celebratory track that only a rapper like Pusha T can deliver. It's dark, meditative, and just hook-y enough (thanks to Chris Brown) to bridge the gap between the radio and the streets.

Fans of Pusha's drug-dealing, braggadocious rhymes will be glad to hear he's sticking to those lyrical themes on this cut, which on paper could have gone in a completely different direction. It's produced by Swizz Beatz, who delivers a beat reminiscent of 'Welcome to the Jungle' off 'Watch The Throne,' and features Chris Brown, whose presence is subdued, light, and complementary.

Rather than let his collaborators overpower him, Pusha maintains the spotlight on 'Sweet Serenade.' The title is referred to briefly by the Clipse rapper, who closes his final verse with the line "This the life that we made/ Gunshots in the dark like a sweet serenade, ni--a."

'Sweet Serenade' is the latest we're hearing from Pusha's proper solo debut, 'My Name Is My Name,' which arrives Oct. 8. You can listen to the track below.