Pretty Ricky's Spectacular has spent the past few years making major moves. After touring with the quartet, Spectacular is gearing up to release his first solo project, Sex God, at the end of the month. But that doesn't mean that his fellow platinum-selling group-mates won't be featured; Pleasure P, Slick'em, Baby Blue and more are slated to make appearances on the album.

Pretty Ricky is known for their raunchy yet sensual bedroom music -- and Spectacular is ready to share his extensive love knowledge with his soon-to-be released book, Spectacular Love: How to Make Love Last.

With over two million Facebook "likes" and over 350,000 Twitter followers, Spectacular has also become a social media guru. (He even has 1.7 million followers on the forgettable social media platform, Google Plus.) And now he's helping others get their followers up with his platform, Adwizar, that also helps users monetize their influence. So far, a few A-listers have joined in including Birdman, Jermaine Dupri, J. Holiday, Soulja Boy, Kevin Gates, Fat Joe and nearly 100 more.

The Boombox spoke with Spectacular about what fans can expect to hear from Sex God, how he's gaining followers and his tips for between the sheets.

The Boombox: You've been pretty busy for the past few months -- book, mixtape, how's it been going?

Spectacular: Just been working.

What made you want to launch the social media platform?

Just knowing that artists and entertainers and athletes will have influence but don't really know how to monetize it. So, I started off from Twitter, just really doing it myself in 2009 and building up a strong Twitter presence. I have multiple accounts that I've built up to over five million followers and pretty much, I created a system that was unbreakable that I could take to a Facebook platform and pretty much started monetizing. So I started off from Twitter making $50,000 of actual money by myself and building these different pages all the way up to five million. Like I have one page with 1.1 million which is Grumpy Cat. It's a cat that I made viral on Twitter that's pretty much worth over a hundred million followers right now.

Two years ago, I decided to do it for more than just myself and do it for other artists and pretty much just use that same format and figure out something that I can do at scale with a case study with my group, Pretty Ricky, and I took a page from 500,000 followers -- really like 480,000 followers -- all the way to five million in one year. And I generated over a quarter million dollars in advertising revenue throughout that span plus making residual on advertisement. Once I did that, I found a proven model that was unbreakable that I could do at scale, I took on my first client which was J. Holiday. Once I did that, I took it to the sky. Now, I have over 100 clients, I'm building. I just started taking on corporate clients, Cash Money was my first corporate client. I brought their fanbase over 100,000 new fans a month and before they were involved with me, the quote that it would take them to get to 100,000 would be nine months. I did it in one month.

You mentioned earlier that you wanted to help other artists who have a lot of influence but can't monetize it. What made you want to do that?

So, for the main thing with me is really just making them that residual income because I'm an artist myself so I know what I'm missing from my brand and all the things that I could do that I know the artists are not really capitalizing off of their brand like that. So, I do different things like monetizing their Facebook account, taking what they have already and really putting it on steroids and increasing their reach of the people who see their brand daily and also monetizing that with my advertisers and making a residual for that. And at the same time bringing product and different endorsement deals to the table that they can use that brand and market it to their fans and make money off of your royalties. I did a jersey deal with all my influences like Bow Wow, I did a "Like Mike" jersey where he played into the actual movie. Did a Master P, "No Limit" jersey. I did a Cash Money jersey, Young Money jersey. Different things like that for them to capitalize off of their brand. And really take things to the next level on the residual side.

And then I just launched Adwizar Sports with [former] NBA player Mike Bibby. Now, we're going to start attacking the athletes and getting them on board to increase their online presence for social media and making that residual also.

On top of that, you have a single out -- "She Don't Love You"...

The song "She Don't Love You" is just really about a female just not loving you because you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing and just letting them know what you won't do the next day and will. So, that's what the song is all about. I'm all about the females and satisfying them and bigging them up no matter what they want to do. That's really what I'm about. This album/digital mixtape or digital album, because it's all original songs, it's called Sex God, and I'm releasing it at the end of September so what I've done is I let everybody text me at 786-661-1224 and they can text #SexGod and they can pre-order the mixtape.

What can fans expect from Sex God? Will it be a similar feel to "She Don't Love You" or how's it going to sound?

It's really just a real sexy feel. "She Don't Love You" is just one of the records that's on my project. But, if you know Pretty Ricky music then you know I'm coming with that same vibe. And if you heard Spectacular on Pretty Ricky, there's Spectacular on steroids. I stepped up my writing ability, I stepped up my writing skills, production, everything man. I got a strong writing team. I write ninety percent of my own music but the last 10 percent, I have my writing team help me out with certain things to really put the icing on the cake to deliver some quality to the fans.

Now, your album is called Sex God, I used to listen to Pretty Ricky, I'm curious do you have any tips for men and women in the bedroom?

I mean, honestly I have tips for everything. (laughs) Whatever you need tips for I can give it to you. But, definitely, I think the main thing for guys is really just asking a woman what they want. Half of the time you think you know it all but you might be that one step off. I like to get cheat sheets together so you can ask them if they like this, what they like, let them pick instead of guessing, thinking you're going in there.. thinking you know it all. Just ask them, how you like this, how you like that, is this your favorite and their going to say yes or no. So instead of taking a test and getting ten things wrong and then ten things right out of twenty questions, you can get ten things right out of ten questions. So, that's just how I look at things and you know I think that's the best advice I can give sexually.

I saw that you're coming out with a book too...what are you going to be talking about? Can we expect more tips?

I'm pretty much talking about everything in the book. The book is called Spectacular Love: How to Make Your Love Last. Pretty much, I'm just talking about my relationship. I've been in for eight years and just really letting everybody know the things that I've been through and letting them know that it's possible to make it last. It's easy. All you really have to do is communicate. Everybody's going to go through problems so it's about how you deal with the problems when they come to you. God made nobody perfect.

So, really just talking about the things I've been through in my eight years and how I solved those problems that I was having. Because half the time when you're arguing, when your girl is arguing about something, the answer's right in front of your face. They complain about it. All you really have to do is just solve that problem. And give them what they want and they'll be way happier and you'll survive way longer. (laughs) That's just what I've learned about being in a relationship, just communication and just really talking it out. Don't go to bed mad. Just really talk about the problems and solving the problems. Focus on the solutions.

Do you remember any particular times when you were really struggling in your relationship and you guys made it work?

I mean, there's so many. Eight years, a lot of things go on. So, definitely. I talk about all that in the book.

Can we expect anyone from Pretty Ricky to appear on Sex God?

Definitely. I have my whole group on the album. When I told them I wanted to do my solo thing, they told me they were going to give me my full support. And that's what's been going on. I got a song with Pleasure, Slick'em, everybody. So, we're really on the same page. And after this, we're doing a Pretty Ricky project. All original members, Pleasure P, Baby Blue, Slick'em and myself.

I noticed that you have over two million 'likes' on Facebook which is a lot. You know, a lot of people go on Instagram and Facebook to get 'likes' and followers. What tips do you have for people to get more followers?

I was just talking with my friends, saying that I should do a web seminar and charge people to learn how to build their social media accounts. I never thought about doing it, but, I just might do it. But, just a couple tips. Just as an artist or as an individual, whatever you're doing as an actual brand in itself is just scouring out your competition that's the best at what you're actually doing and see what they're doing and just duplicate it and just put a little twist on it. And make it your own. And really that's the easiest advice I can really give you because if it works for them it'll work for you.

What's next for you? Are you planning on going on tour?

Definitely. There's definitely always touring. I release the project at the end of September. I have my book coming out, Spectacular Love: How to Make Your Love Last and if you want to pre-order the book, #SpectacularLove to your phone so you can get it before anyone else does. I have Adwizar Sports and now I'm taking on corporate clients helping them grow their social media accounts and influencers, helping them get to that million to qualify. And then I think the next step is to really just get into some acting. I'm interested in that. Just like different products. I'm thinking about doing a perfume for females or like a water to help out the health of the average person. Put the right minerals and vitamins in the water and electrolytes and different things like that to really, actually help the average person with their health. So that's my next project.

What kind of movies would you like to be in?

I like action movies, so I wouldn't mind. I could really do it all...action, I can do comedy, I can do all that. I like to have fun, joke around, so I know I'm going to be pretty natural.

Were you able to check out any new movies that've come out?

I've been working like crazy. The last movie I went to go see was with my kids, which was the Secret Life of Pets with Kevin Hart playing the bunny. That bunny was funny as hell. Kevin does great with kids movies, I hope he does more.

Spectacular Love: How to Make Your Love Last's official release date hasn't been announced but it's expected in October. Fans can text Spectacular at 786-661-1224 with #SexGod or #SpectacularLove to pre-order or stay up-to-date with the release dates for the forthcoming project.

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