Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky, Jodeci & H-Town ‘Knock Heels’ — Watch
R&B group Pretty Ricky have finally released a visual for their Jodeci and H-Town-featured 'Knockin Your Heels Off' single, which dropped earlier this year.
Though it's unclear where Pretty Ricky dug up the two '90s R&B groups they collaborated with for 'Knockin Your Heels Off,' they miraculo…
Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular Dances in Thong
In a recent example of viral video gone wrong, Spectacular, a member of R&B group Pretty Ricky chose a curious way to promote their new single, 'Tipsy in Da Club.'
The young singer introduced the video by whispering, "This right here, is a challenge to all them boys that be…