In a recent example of viral video gone wrong, Spectacular, a member of R&B group Pretty Ricky chose a curious way to promote their new single, 'Tipsy in Da Club.'

The young singer introduced the video by whispering, "This right here, is a challenge to all them boys that be grindin' out there. I wanna know who number one. So, from Bow Wow to Chris Brown to Omarion to Trey Songz to Day 26, anybody that want it, come get it. This aint no beef man! Just to see who number one...So I'm a go head and show you. It's goin down. Lingerie, finna kill em!"

Then he proceeds to dance in his red Speedo-style underwear, lick his palm, stick out his tongue, hump some lingerie and do a whole lot of other stuff that makes us uncomfortable. Uhhh management? What were you thinking?

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