Merry Christmas to Beyonce and Jay-Z! Pregnant Beyonce has revealed that she and her hip-hop hubby are expecting to give birth to their first child in December 2011, not February 2012 as previously reported.

Bey dramatically unveiled her baby bump at the MTV VMAs back in August, when reports suggested she was only three months pregnant. But, in newly-released behind-the-scenes footage from her 'Countdown' music video shoot, Queen B tells fans that she is actually much further along in her high-profile pregnancy.

In the short clip, which filmed on the set of the video back in September, Beyonce holds up a copy of the New York Daily News. The paper featured a photo of the pregnant star on the cover with the headline, 'Oh baby!' As rumors went viral, the cover story suggested that Bey may have been faking her baby bump, opting to wear a prosthetic belly to simulate pregnancy, or at least dramatize it for the cameras.

Mocking the caption, Bey rubs her belly and says, "Hello, it's Sept. 23. Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! This was on the cover of the Daily News. Right now I'm actually shooting the video for 'Countdown' and I'm six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits. But thank god you can't really tell from the front, but when I turn to the side ... oh baby! Oh baby!"

Did you catch that? Beyonce claimed she was six months along with her pregnancy on Sept. 23, which means future Jayonce was conceived back in March and is expected to arrive in time for Christmas!

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