On October 4, G-Unit's Tony Yayo will host a special edition of MTV's 'Busted: Live,' a reality show similar to 'Cops,' featuring police officers making arrests on criminals. In between the busts, Yayo will 'take a look back at some of the most notorious arrests of the daily show's first season,' broadcasting live from Times Square, while MTV follows cops in Maryland and Ohio in search of people to arrest and air out.

The show is just the first of a wave of quality new MTV reality TV endeavors, apty titled 'Cell Block Saturday,' which includes a recap (in case we missed any of the important action) of the best of 'Busted' and the premiere of their new show 'MTV Ranked,' which features celebrity arrests and altercations, including Kid Rock's Waffle House incident (but who doesn't get arrested at a Waffle House?) and many more necessary things like "Celebrity Meltdowns," "Bromances," and "Crap Tattoos."

While we await the inevitable Young Buck/Game dis, does MTV know that Yayo was arrested for slapping a 14-year-old? Or that he spent 2003 in jail? If you can't beat em, join em, eh Tony?

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