Power has had to cross out a lot of characters the past two seasons. So far, we've said goodbye to Jukebox, Marshall Williams, the Homeland Security agent, Julio, Petar and of course, Greg Knox, and last night's episode just increased the body count.

James St. Patrick wakes up to a phone call regarding his former lawyer, Joe Proctor, and a new investigation into possible criminal activity. Concerned all roads lead back to him, James gets out the bed and heads out to see his legitimate lawyer, Terry Silver, who also happens to be sleeping with Tasha behind James' back. Silver claims he knows nothing about an new investigation into Proctor, and assures James that if something were going on that would implicate himself or his client, he would know. But when it comes to Silver, we know we can't trust any of his intentions when it comes to St. Patrick, especially now that he's secretly involved with Tasha.

But for now, Ghost is going to accept what Silver is saying and let him live, in all sense of the word.

While Ghost and Tasha are busy with Terry Silver, in their own right, Raina is busy trying to get out of the house and away from Tariq. She asks Tasha if she will consider letting her go to boarding school in Connecticut, where she'll be safe and tucked away from her brother but close enough for her parents to visit. Raina is mum on her motivation to move, but Tariq knows what's up.

Meanwhile, Tariq is following in his father's old footsteps, (still) running around with Slim Kanan and Jukebox's old crew. He reaches out to Brains because he wants in on a pending heist, and of course, Brains says yes. Tariq pretends to be a kid from a local school in a siddity Manhattan neighborhood (something he knows plenty about), selling candy to support his swim team. He goes to a woman's door, waits inside for her to get the money to pay, and the next thing viewers know is Brains and another "crew member" storm in the house with masks on and guns raised. They hit Riq to make it look real, and tell the woman to give up the money. But the robbery quickly goes South when the unnamed crew member decides to take the woman upstairs and rape her while Brains raids her room for expensive jewelry and things.

Not realizing he's playing with the big boys, Tariq screams Brains' name and tells him to make his friend stop raping the woman. His friend stops, but it doesn't matter because Brains puts a bullet in her head 10 seconds later.

Guess who else wants to go to boarding school now?

Then there's Angie, Donovan, Sax and Mak. Focused on bringing down Greg Knox' killer (and their mole), New York's legal suicide squad concocts a plan to make Sandoval confess to everything on tape - and he does. He's arrested and taken to the same prison Ghost was being held. Worried he might talk about all those involved in Lobos' murder, Ghost, Tommy and Proctor decide Mike Sandoval has to die. How can this happen when he's in federal custody? Well, thank to Tommy and his newly found father, it's simple.

Tony Teresi puts the word out on behalf of his son, and next thing viewers and cast members know is Sandoval is dead by a slit to his throat.

Mak says Mike's death is a "waste" because all his information dies with him. Angie, on the other hand, whispers in Sandoval's cold, dead ears, "This is for Greg."

Finally, there's messy, grimy, sleazy Dre. Dre's new focus is to be "the best g--damn drug dealer in New York City" - just like Ghost used to want to be. To get there, he's crossed, he's crossed Ghost, he's gotten Julio murdered and now he's trying to take over Tommy's organization. Too bad Tommy has no idea what's happening (but it's not going to be pretty when he finds out).

Two episodes left.

Watch the Sneak Peek for Power Season 4, Episode 9:

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