Last night's episode of Power went from 0 to 185 real quick. So for any fans out there who thought the season was moving too slow, Courtney A. Kemp would like to say, "You're welcome."

Last week, things ended with Angela Valdez realizing she may have made a mistake regarding James' involvement in Greg Knox's murder. This week, things picked up exactly where they left off, and after the first few minutes and a meeting with her former lover Angie finally believes James story about a frame job. The only problem is her team doesn't care.

Angela tells Mike Sandoval of all people about the evidence she discovered, which proves James St. Patrick is being set up, but he simply tells her that would ruin the prosecution's case as well as their reputation because submitting the new evidence regarding the placement of the murder weapon would suggest prosecutorial misconduct - something Mock, Sandoval and anyone else on the case doesn't want to endure.

Thankfully, the prosecution's decision not to enter the freshly reviewed timeline of events has consequences that work in Ghost's favor.

While Angie is trying to figure out how to go forward about Truth's surveillance tapes, James is coping with the fact that Joe Proctor is no longer his attorney and his life now sits in Terry Silver's hands. Most viewers were probably thinking 'Oh boy, let's see how this plays out,' but they didn't have to sit with that feeling as long as they thought they would.

Silver doesn't know the truth about James and Tasha's financial dealings or the businesses they use to clean their money. He doesn't know everyone connected to the case isn't as innocent as they claim; thus, he opts to put Tasha on the stand during Ghost's asset forfeiture hearing so she can explain the fact that they have no illegal monetary ties. But unbeknownst to him, none of that is true. Both Ghost and Tasha try to ask Silver for another option that doesn't involve Tasha testifying or either having to admit their culpability in the matter. Silver tells them Tasha is their "best bet," but thanks to a last minute play by Angie none of their concerns about Tasha matter.

Although Proctor is officially off the case, Angie had an off-the-books meeting with him and let him know she believes St. Patrick is innocent - and she told him why: the evidence doesn't fit. Proctor tells Angie she needs to step in to fix this for James, and surprisingly, she does!

After grappling with what to do, Angie sets up a meeting with St. Patrick and Silver, and asks to know absolutely everything about James' movements the night of Greg Knox's murder in an attempt to save his life. In return, Angie gives Silver and St. Patrick the prosecution's strategy to James away. As a result, James decides to take the stand instead of Tasha. When that backfires, Angela takes matters into her own hands and turns herself and her team in for misconduct. After a two minute interrogation by the judge, all charges against James St. Patrick are dismissed and everybody involved in his prosecution is suspended.

But before hearing the judge announce his freedom, St. Patrick has a run in with Marshal Clyde Williams (played by Charlie Murphy) in the weight room. If you remember correctly, James faced off against mob boss Tony Teresi last week. Pissed off and disrespected, Teresi is looking for payback. He recruits Marshal Williams to help take down and take out James St. Patrick, but James lets the Ghost in him out and brutally kills Williams before he and Teresi have a chance to take him out. Ironically, Teresi helps Ghost get away with murdering a Marshal and asks for a favor in return: a cell phone delivered to Tommy Egan. Here, we'd hate to say we told you so, turns out Teresi is obsessed with Tommy because he's his father. (Raise your hand if you saw that one coming.)

Last night's episode was one for the books.

While Ghost was fighting for his life inside prison, Tasha learned that Keisha is hooking up with "a white boy who's hittin' it right." It didn't take long for her to realize the white boy is Tommy. Tasha doesn't let Keisha know she knows what up, but she does confront Tommy about the situation. While having a heart-to-heart about his love life, Tommy confesses to killing Holly, and tells Tasha he did it because he thought she killed Ghost. Tasha says she understands, and that they're family so they'll protect each other - no matter what it takes.

Speaking of family, Tariq better get ready because Ghost is back and his games are about to be over!

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