Last week's of episode of Power left us with a plethora of questions: Did Tommy kill Keisha? Is Tommy setting Ghost up with Milan? Are Tasha and Ghost getting back together? What's Kanan's plan with Tariq? Last night's season finale didn't necessarily answer all of those questions, but it definitely created a few new ones to set up season 4 next year.

Things ended last week with Tommy stabbing Ruiz to death under a bridge, so the finale started with Greg Knox panicking after getting word of Ruiz's murder from the NYPD. Ruiz's death effects Agent Knox not only because he was Greg's only link to Ghost, but because his body is now proof that Knox was running Ruiz off the books in a dangerous situation. But Ruiz's death did lead to one good thing for Knox: proof that Ghost and Tommy killed Lobos and that Tommy killed Ruiz--which is very good for Agent Knox.

Greg subsequently pulls Ghost over and informally interrogates and threatens him in an attempt to get him to turn on Angela. Knox thinks he has Ghost, but Ghost doesn't say a word. So Greg dangles the fact that he's sleeping with Angie right in James' face.

After that awkward confrontation, Tommy and Ghost meet to go over Tommy's plan - but Tommy's not big on sharing the details these days. Tommy went to Milan last week to tell him they need to kill Ghost; now Tommy tells Ghost of Milan's plan to kill him after his big Black & White Party with Karen Bassett. Just when you think Tommy's turned for the worst, he finds a way to do some good.

The Black & White Party is James' dream. It's not only the night he lands the deal with Karen Bassett to expand Truth, but it's the night he and Tommy work to get free from Milan. To do so, Ghost and Tommy sneak their crew into Truth to take out Milan's Serbian squad. There, Ghost and Tommy take Milan to an undisclosed location and gift him with four shots to the face. And now, Tommy is the new "Serbian" connect.

Meanwhile, as Agent Knox is busy trying to prove Angela is the leak, he reaches out to Agent Mike Rivera to tell him his plan to prove she's the mole. Unfortunately, during their impromptu meet up at his apartment, Knox gets a call which proves Agent Rivera is the leak. So you can guess what happens next. When Greg doesn't agree to set up Angela as federal traitor, Rivera shoots him once in the neck and once in the head.

Then there's Tariq, who just likes to learn things the hard way. Determined to prove to Kanan that he can handle himself in the streets, Riq makes a drop for Kanan in the old neighborhood. It turns out it's a set up and Tariq finds himself sitting in the back seat of a squad car - but it's no ordinary squad car. It's Jukebox's squad car. Kanan wanted to test Tariq to see if he's ready to run the streets, and he passes the test but Jukebox has other ideas like drugging Tariq and holding him for ransom.

Tasha receives a text with a picture of Kanan's burnt arm around Tariq's drugged body and tries calling Ghost immediately. Unfortunately, Ghost can't come to the phone because he's being arrested by Angela for Agent Knox's murder. When he asks Angela why she's doing this, she simply says, "It's the right decision."

See you for Season 4!

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