Plies has let his temper get the best of him. While performing in a club in Orlando, Fla., the Sunshine State native was pelted with a cup, prompting the rapper to go on an angry tirade. But things took a turn for the serious when the hotheaded spitter threatened the offender with physical violence, promising to shoot up the club.

"I swear to God, next [person] to throw something up here, I'ma shoot this bitch up in here right now!" growled the rapper, who was caught on video. "Next bitch that throw something up here, they gon' get it, bro."

The Southern rapper, whose real name is Algernod Lanier Washington, has gotten in trouble with guns in the club before. Back in 2006, he was charged with illegal possession of a concealed weapon following a club shooting. Plies' microphone was cut in order to set up for a Lil' Boosie performance, prompting him and members of his entourage to lick shots at the crowd. Five were injured in the shooting, with at least six bullets fired into the audience.

Plies released the mixtape 'You Need People Like Me' in September 2010. His latest single 'Oh Yeah' featuring Chris Brown was released to radio last week.

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