With Nicki Minaj's 'Pills N Potions' serving as one of hip-hop's hits of the summer, it's evident that Plies wanted to add his take on the song before it gets overplayed.

In his usual loud cadence, which often remains at one octave, Plies tells the woman in his life to stop being so suspicious of him.

"Quit all the petty s--- like going through a n---- phone / And acting like you dead right when you dead wrong / And stop using you don't trust me to justify s--- / But why you let me f--- raw if you don't trust a bit," spits Plies.

He also tells his girl to stop listening to her friends because they really can't be trusted. "I don't care about what they think cause I don't live for them / 'Cause they'll f--- me on the low, everyone of them," raps the Florida native.

Plies only spits one verse, keeping Nicki's verses and hook intact, just in case folks still want to hear some of the original.

Listen to Plies' 'Pills N Potions' Remix