Pitbull didn't catch his next Billboard Top 10 hit with the Kesha-assisted 'Timber,' which peaked at No. 15, but the rapper sticks to his formula on the new track 'That High.' He brings along Female powerhouse Kelly Rowland for the lyrical ride.

The song features a lot of Pitbull's trademarks: a hyper-energetic beat fit for the club, wise-cracking one-liners ("A biggity-big playboy with women for breakfast") and a singer taking over the vocal duties on the fist-pumping hook. 'That High' has all of the elements of a Billboard hit if such a thing was tangible. The standard parts don't take away from Rowland's great vocal performance, however.

The new single will be on Pitbull's upcoming deluxe album 'Global Warming: Meltdown,' due Nov. 25. The project features five new tracks along with those featured on 2012's 'Global Warming.'

Listen to Pitbull's 'That High' Feat. Kelly Rowland