While it's no secret that Pitbull has an affinity for the female body and the dancefloor, the Miami rapper took some time to discuss his business side in the April issue of men's magazine GQ. The inner drive he speaks on has given his career such unexpected longevity, since his breakout hit "Culo" took the world by storm in 2004.

In the feature -- an exclusive photo can be viewed below -- Pitbull fires back at his critics, and those who claim he has sold out his Miami roots by becoming a corporate shill, trading in his local hero guise "Mr. 305" for international fame, using the universal title "Mr. Worldwide."

"People say I switched? Maybe I outgrew you," he explains. "I look at it as an evolution, and setting the path. I'm showing you where to go ... Two thousand nine was freedom, 2010 was invasion, 2011 was takeover, 2012 is grow wealth."

Kenneth Cappello for GQ

Later in the piece, which is a lengthy, but worthy read, Pit, who comes across as charismatic as he does repellant, confides that he views himself as a product rather than an artist.

"Look, Pitbull is a product. Don't get it fucked up -- I'm a businessman. This industry is 90 percent business, 10 percent talent. It's the people who think they're talented, that their shit don't stink, who get left behind."

Pitbull recently made Forbes' Cash Kings list, as one of 2011's highest earners, tying G-Unit mogul 50 Cent at No. 17 raking in $6 million in endorsements, concert revenues and album sales.

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