Shaggy and Pitbull are spreading love worldwide with their aptly titled club banger, “Only Love.” EDM producer Mickey Humphrey (aka DJ Montay) decided to add his musical twist to the song and turn it into a fist-pumping anthem.

On the track, Shaggy and Pitbull urge the world to come together as one through love and racial harmony.

"Only love can conquer all and move mountains, when you cold, only love makes you warm again / Only love heals a broken heart, we been through It all girl, came through the storm again / Find your joy, let go of the past / Love invade your walls like the Trojan horse again," Shaggy delivers.

Meanwhile, Mr. 305 adds his uplifting verse, rapping, "Love heals all, love kills war / I love the hustle but I love you more / Ride or die that's what love is for / Believe it or not, God loves us all."

It's a heartwarming message from the dynamic duo. In the wake of recent events in Paris and around the world, it's sorely needed.

"It's a pleasure to make this 'Only Love' track with Shaggy and Pitbull into a dance floor monster," Humphrey tells The Boombox about his remix.

Check out the premiere of Mickey Humphrey's remix for Shaggy and Pitbull's “Only Love."

Listen to Shaggy & Pitbull's "Only Love" Remix by Mickey Humphrey

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