It really wasn't that long ago when Pharrell Williams was known as one of hip-hop's most respected producers. Now he's that and a pop superstar. His Grammy wins confirm what his fans already know about him.

'Happy' was basically a pop culture sensation last year. So it makes sense the chart-topping track earned Grammys for Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Music Video.

Pharrell took the stage to accept the award for Best Pop Solo Performance during the ceremony, but his famous hat didn't make an appearance. As a result, we were only left with schoolboy shorts and an acceptance speech.

"I'm not gonna make this awkward... and long," the rapper began. "I was so prepared for everybody else that is so talented in that category to walk away with that award. This is super awkward, and, um, I'm gonna moonwalk my way off the stage right now."

We didn't get to see that happen, but Pharrell did give us a moment we'll be talking about tomorrow. It's his reaction to Taylor Swift's awkward dancing below.

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