As the release of Pharrell Williams's new 'G I R L' album draws near, the Grammy-winning producer details behind both the album title and strategy of premiere.

Right before his performance with at the 2014 Brit Awards, Williams briefly spoke with Zane Lowe about the reasoning behind the appropriately all-capitalized, two-spaced in between letters album title.

"The reason why I named it 'G I R L' in capital letters because when you look at it looks a little weird, and the reason why it does is because society is unbalanced; and I just thought if I'm going to make to make an album, I need to make an album that says everything that I wanted to say and dreamt of," he told Lowe. "And women have been so good to me, they've done so much for my family and everything that I've ever gotten was because of a woman. They are like my bosses."

Further describing his admiration for the female, the 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker also mentioned that the album explores the inner depth of a women, going deeper than the looks.

"I admire women in a lot of ways, but I needed to make sure that on the surface,'Yeah I do look, and I do like them and appreciate them in my dirty little ways here and there, but at the core it's a deeper appreciation," he said. "We need them!"

'G I R L' is slated for release on March 3. He previously announced the in-store date along with a 30-second video of him working in the studio with a string section under the direction of composer Hans Zimmer.

As for the project, Columbia Records told Billboard that a new track from album will be featured in a Red Bull ad which debuts March 1, the day before Williams' Oscar performance.

Though the ad will feature new music, none of the new material from 'G I R L'  will be released in advance. Anyone choosing to pre-order the album on iTunes will find out knowing only one of the album's 10 song titles, 'Happy' is available for full streaming and downloading.

'Happy' will also continue its reign in endorsements as well. The Oscar-nominated tune which has already been featured in aBeats by Dre commercial, will be used in a Fiat commercial with Diddy and in promos for "GMA" as it makes inroads in at least six radio formats.