Pharrell Williams has a lot to be happy about. His new album, 'G I R L,' is in stores and his cheerful anthem 'Happy' has been infectiously woven into our pop lexicon. And now, Skateboard P graces the cover of the April 2014 issue of GQ magazine.

In his in-depth interview with the men’s fashion bible, the studio maverick talks about race, politics, his infamous buffalo hat and the Oscar snub.

While everyone thought that Williams would take home the coveted Best Song Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards, he sadly came up empty-handed.

"Well, trust me: when they read the results, my face was... frozen," he recalls. "But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to... let it go."

The 40-year-old producer also talked about the skin color controversy over his 'G I R L' album cover.

"It doesn’t make sense to me. That kind of divisiveness is not necessary at a time when we’re supposed to be unifying," P tells the mag. "That’s what happiness is all about...I’m the most indiscriminate person that there is! I believe in equality."

"Black ain’t a color: black is a spirit, and it is ubiquitous," he adds. "In fact, there’s more black out in space than there is stars. We have nothing to be insecure about."

Elsewhere in the interview, Williams believes that Hilary Clinton will be our next president after Barack Obama.

"Let me tell you why Hillary’s going to win," he explains. "Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there’s unity. There’s gonna be unity."

"Hillary’s gonna win," he continues. "Listen, I’m reaching out to her right now. She’s gonna win."

He also has some choice words for the Tea Party and talks about his buffalo hat. "Anything different, people are going to look at and go, 'Ha ha ha ha, what is that?'" he states.

Finally, Williams says that he doesn't want to be categorized for some of the musical and charitable things he has done in pop culture.

"I’m not a renaissance man. What I am is a maverick, and I don’t want to be put in a box at all," he says.

The April 2014 issue of GQ magazine -- featuring the maverick Pharrell Williams -- will hit newsstands this week.

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