A day after celebrating his 41st birthday, Pharrell Williams graced the stage at 'Saturday Night Live' to perform two songs from his latest album, 'G I R L.'

Skateboard P kicked off his performance with his ubiquitous hit 'Happy.' The producer wore a white Adidas track jacket and, of course, his infamous buffalo hat in emerald green. The birthday boy was joined by several kids who clapped and danced to the joyous song.

For his second number, Williams kicked it up a notch and performed the uptempo ballad 'Marilyn Monroe.' Backed by an all-female orchestra with legendary composer Hans Zimmer, P explained to the audience that song is about self-love and self-worth.

We also have to mentioned that Williams was wearing some sparkling Stan Smiths sneakers. Are those shoes part of his new collection for Adidas?

Williams wasn’t quite done. The 'Blurred Lines' producer then appeared on a skit about a weird audition with 'SNL' host Anna Kendrick. While Williams donned his green hat, comedians Kenan Thompson and Taran Killiam wore tan and navy, respectively. Williams couldn’t keep his composure through the absurdity of the sketch.

Overall, Pharrell Williams had a fantastic birthday weekend that was filled with fun and laughs.

Watch Pharrell Williams Perform 'Marilyn Monroe' on 'Saturday Night Live'