Along with being a renowned artist and producer, Pharrell Williams is also considered an arbiter of fashion and art. So it makes perfect sense that the more prolific half of the Neptunes has been named the creative director of Karmaloop TV.

"Pharrell is, without a doubt, one of the most influential cultural creatives and business minds in America today," Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe told Deadline Hollywood. "We're delighted and honored that he has joined our effort to create a multi-platform brand that will once again excite cutting-edge youth culture about TV, just as MTV did in the 1980s."

Founded in 2000, Karmaloop is a popular online streetwear retailer and Karmaloop TV, launched in 2008, is its online video channel that features interviews with artists, designers and musicians. Pharrell's position comes as Karmaloop TV plans to move beyond broadband and launch a network -- with help from former AMC president Katie McEnroe -- later this year.

It's not like Pharrell will be idle until Karmaloop TV's proper launch. He was recently in the studio with singer Frank Ocean and has been hawking eco-friendly clothes as a product ambassador for Return Textiles. As he does in the latter, Skateboard P will have an equity stake in Karmaloop TV.

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