Since Jimmy Fallon became a late-night talk show host, he's managed to get the biggest names in entertainment (as well as the First Lady) to do the most random things. On Wednesday night (April 1), he continued his hilarious run with a new skit featuring Pharrell. The duo pair up as '80's R&B duo, Afro & Deziak.

The two reminisce about the great '80s TV show American Power Hour and how it used to be filmed in the same studio as The Tonight Show. After the original show's credits play, the two appear in bright metallic suits and accessories. Jimmy even wears a mustache that just won't stay on his upper lip.

Despite the crazy outfits, Pharrell and Jimmy give an entertaining performance with tracks like “Girl I’m Gonna Get You In The Mood,” “Girl I Wanna Give You What I Got” and “Girl.” After remembering those musical memories, the camera heads back to the desk where Pharrell and Jimmy are dressed in the same retro costumes, sitting casually as if nothing happened -- causing the crowd to explode in laughter and applause.

Aside from the skit, Pharrell also chatted with Jimmy about learning how to do the Michael Jackson moonwalk, his recent #TBTt Instagram photo and his current collaborations. "The Snoop music is really good, but it's because of him," Pharrell said.

And before they moved onto the next topic, Pharrell made sure to not only shout out his home state, Virginia, but also reveal he's working with Missy Elliott.

"The way her mind works," Pharrell praised, Like when we're in the studio, the things that she says and thinks about and her video concepts. Like I didn't know those video concepts were hers. Yes, I'm so proud of her. That's Virgina!"

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