Just when you thought Pharrell's infamous hat worn at the 2014 Grammy Awards was yesterday's news, the interwebs have proven you wrong. His 'Happy' video receives a mountie makeover with a surprising new star: his hat.

Brought to our screens by I am Other, Pharrell's cultural YouTube channel promoting creativity and culture, the 31-second video, titled 'Hatty,' shows a clip of the singer strolling down a hall like in the original version. But this time, his unique brown hat has been magnified to cover half of his body. The people behind this new clip seamlessly make the hat dance just as he does.

"We couldn't help ourselves! Congratulations to our boss, Pharrell Williams, and #PharrellsHat on their 2014 Grammy awards. Get #HATTY...," the caption for the YouTube video reads.

So if you're feeling the drag of the mid-week slump, take a moment to watch the video above and get "hatty."