This is becoming all too familiar.

On Friday (Aug. 5), videos were released of a fatal encounter between Chicago police and an 18-year-old car theft suspect that happened on July 28. The nine clips, some of which were from police body cameras, show police officers firing several rounds at a fleeing stolen Jaguar after it almost hits one of the cop vehicles. Afterward, the suspect, identified as Paul O’Neal flees on foot with police giving chase.

From there, O’Neal escapes behind a backyard fence with several shots erupting by police. Afterward, we see footage of officers handcuffing the subject who appears to be bleeding from his back as he lays on the ground motionless.

The fatal shooting was not captured on camera although officers were wearing body cameras. Officials say the body cams were not working at that point. It's unclear if the cameras were turned off or if they malfunctioned during the foot pursuit.

Regardless of that, one police officer did violate the city’s use of force policy, which explicitly bars police from shooting into a car when the vehicle represents the only danger," according to the Washington Post.

O’Neal’s family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers, alleging that they fired at the teen “without lawful justification or excuse.”

"What I saw was a cold-blooded murder, a cold-blooded killing," says Paul O'Neal's family attorney Michale Oppenheimer (via CBS Chicago). "It is horrific, it is tragic, that these officers did what they did, and took their street justice in their own hands; the things that they are trying to prevent, or supposed to prevent.”

At a press conference, O’Neal’s sister, Briana Adams, said she wanted to know why her brother had to die.

“We just want answers, the truth, that’s it,” she said. "Paul had goals. He was loved by my mother, his family and me."

The news of Paul O'Neal's death sparked outrage on social media. For many, it's another stark reminder of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

"These cops actually believed #PaulONeal shot at them but he didn't, shot in back, no medical attention, disgusting visual of police behavior," tweeted Al Lindstrom. Another person wrote, "Chicago PD is corrupt, hateful, and has a long history of power abuse. This isn't isolated. This is the abuse of an entire city."

Read some of the reactions below.

Watch the Police Shooting of Paul O'Neal [*Warning Graphic Video*]

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