Omarion, Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown soar on the newly released song 'Post to Be.'

The song, which will appear on Maybach O's upcoming fourth album, 'Sex Playlist,' details falling into your personal groove and doing what you've always known your capable of.

"All my n----s close to me, and all them other n----s where they post to be / Ooh, the hoes go for me, have your chick send a pic like pose for me," sings Omarion on the hook.

Then he proceeds to use an MCish, sing-songy flow to tell others to watch their girl around him. "Pull up to the club and it go up, make your girl fall in love when I show up / It's not my fault she want to know me / She told me you was just a homie," he croons.

The track was produced by DJ Mustard and it definitely has that hit-the-dance-floor vibe --  not to mention the lyrics are a bit raunchy, especially Jhene Aiko's part.

"If your dude come close to me, he gon' want to ride off in a ghost with me / I might let your boy chauffeur me, but he got to eat the booty like groceries," she sings in her usual airy voice. Breezy also adds a nice touch, creating all kinds of catchy melodies and vocal riffs.

'Sex Playlist,' which serves as the follow-up to 2010's 'Ollusion,' will drop in 2015.

 Listen to Omarion's 'Post to Be' Feat. Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown

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