It seems like everyone has an opinion about Offset and Cardi B’s relationship. For the past few weeks, the couple’s engagement has been hit with stories of infidelity -- mostly on Offset’s end. Now King Yella has added more chaos to the pair’s already much-publicized relationship.

For the past week, the Chicago rapper has been posting photos of him and Cardi B hanging out at the club. More recently, Yella dropped a song called “Cardi B Truth” where he claims to have been with the “Bodak Yellow” rapper sexually before Offset put a ring on it.

On Saturday (Jan. 6), Yella posted a video where it appears that Offset is upset with him. You can hear the Migos rapper threatening Yella over his comments about his alleged relationship with Cardi. Yella is clearly agitated by the convo and replies that he’s not happy with Cardi calling him a "bozo" and "goofy."

Since then, Yella has tried to quell the situation by posting another video telling Offset that he’s not going to argue over “a bitch.” Good luck with that.

For those who may not know who King Yella is -- he's a Chicago rapper known for his flossing on the 'Gram and for his popular 2014 mixtape, Yella Corleone. In 2016, Yella was shot in the elbow and in the torso while filming a video for Black Lives Matter.

"They tried to take me out this shit, God got me, though," he said about the unfortunate incident. "I’m shooting a...Black Lives Matter video and motherfuckers come and shoot me."

"It’s cool, you know. I wish you n---- the best of luck you know, whoever you was," he continued. "But guess what man, the devil be working but he can’t overcome God, you feel me? You bitch ass n---- can’t stop me, you dumb ass n----s."

As for King Yella's beef with Offset, we can only hope that cooler heads prevail in that situation.

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