Folks on Twitter are in shambles after a report surfaced that Offset may have cheated on his fianceé Cardi B.

According to the gossip blogs, Offset and Cardi's iCloud accounts were hacked over the weekend, which may explain how Cardi’s alleged sex tape got leaked online. However, there’s also an alleged video of Offset canoodling with another woman -- and it's not Cardi!

This sent Twitter in a tizzy with people tweeting slander at Offset for allegedly cheating on Cardi after she bought him a Rolls Royce Wraith and matching diamond-encrusted watch for his 26th birthday.

"Offset cheated on Cardi B right after she bought him that Wraith. She gotta kill him, it’s only right," tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, "Offset cheating on Cardi B, proves that the only thing that's real is, J. Cole going double platinum with no features."

However, according to the Shade Room (see photo above), the video of Offset and the other woman was taken back in September, before he got engaged to Cardi. The gossip website claims that Cardi knew about Offset's tryst with the young lady, which sparked her Twitter rant in which she said that she was single.

Thankfully, the couple has since moved past the incident and are still engaged. Nevertheless, inquisitive fans on Twitter have questions.

Check out more Twitter reactions below.

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