Is there trouble in paradise? Over the weekend, Cardi B and her boyfriend Offset had a lover's quarrel that had their fans shook on social media.

It all started on Saturday (Oct. 21) when Cardi posted a photo with the caption “Single.” This sent her fans in a tizzy because it could mean that she had broken up with the Migos rapper.

She then posted, "I'm on my Grimey 1090," "Don't Ever Get Used" and the Peace sign emoji. So did Offset betray Cardi B? Say it ain't so?

A few hours later, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper backpedaled from her previous posts and sent a missive to Offset apologizing for overreacting.

"So listen babes, I exaggerated a lil bit earlier cause I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme," she wrote to her fans. "I came to my senses now. I'm sorry...waffle house on me?"

Cardi B then posted a follow-up letter to her fans stating, "Sometimes you gotta do shit the OLD would do. So mfers know not to play with the NEW you!"

Meanwhile, Offset posted a photo of a glamorous Cardi B with the caption, "I don't loose[sic]." We think he meant that he doesn't lose when it comes to relationships.

Either way, we are glad that Cardi B and Offset are back together. They make a cute couple, don't they?

Read some of Cardi B's heated messages below.

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