James BrownLast week a woman claiming to be legendary soul singer James Brown's daughter, alleged that his body had gone missing from its crypt. Brown died on Christmas, 2006 in Atlanta, and his body was placed in a temporary crypt, in the South Carolina home of his daughter Deanna Brown Thomas, while his mausoleum was being constructed.

"My daddy's body has disappeared. I have no clue where it was taken but I need to know where it is," LaRhonda Pettit, a 48-year old former stewardess and mother of two, told the UK Daily Mirror. Pettit, came forward after the singer's death, publicly claiming she was his daughter. A DNA test proved her to be 99.9% correct, though she was never acknowledged by Brown during his life.

Pettit continued to explain her suspicions regarding Brown's death, saying that people around the singer may have killed him for his money and hid the body to cover the true reason behind his death. However, new sources have stepped forward in objection to Pettit's bizarre claims.

"There's no truth to that," Charlie Reid, C.A. Reid Funeral Home's director, told the August Chronicle. "It would have had to have gone through us. We would have been contacted if that happened."

A spokesperson for the Aiken County Sheriff's County further assured, "I have not heard that. I would expect we would have knowledge of such a thing."

Brown's family has yet to address the allegations. The Godfather of Soul had nine legitimate children with four different wives, and named six of his kids his beneficiaries.