Who's the greatest entertainer of all time? If you ask Chris Brown, he is. The singer took to Twitter over the weekend to tout that he's one of the best and put himself in the same company as the late soul icons Michael Jackson and James Brown.

"I WILL BE THE GREATEST!," Breezy tweeted proudly before listing the Godfather of Soul and the King of Pop, and stating that he will be the third greatest in that order. "When knowledge speaks wisdom listens," he said. "JAMES BROWN, MICHAEL JACKSON, CHRIS BROWN. In that order."

Reactions to Brown's comments were mixed as some fans were in agreement while others felt that the 'New Flame' singer has quite a long ways to go before he can reach the levels of Brown and Jackson.

"Naw @Usher before ya bruh," wrote one commenter, while another follower commented, "Okay, I see you legend [smiley face]."

Brown has definitely showed his love for Michael Jackson since the beginning. "My mama can tell you -- ever since I was little, watching Michael Jackson on the TV screen and imitating him," he said in an early interview. In 2010, Breezy performed an emotional tribute to Jackson at the BET Awards that ended with him in tears.

What do you think? Is Chris Brown anywhere near Michael Jackson or James Brown's level? Tell us in the comments below.

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