A$AP Ferg work ethic speaks for itself. The Harlem, N.Y.-bred rapper is a valuable member of A$AP Mob with solid club bangers ‘Shabba’ and ‘Work.’ But getting his foot in the door is just the beginning. Fergenstein is here to stay and in 2015, he has aspirations to reach heights in the same realm as some of the most prolific musicians.

“I see myself being the best performer ever of my generation,” Ferg tells NahRight.com. “ I see myself being the best artist of my generation. I just feel like the people have seen a little bit of what I have to offer.”

So what else does he have in store for his fans? Since releasing his debut LP, ‘Trap Lord,’ in 2013, Ferg has matured mentally and is traveling outside of his New York City comfort zone -- physically and lyrically. “I was a Trap Lord. I was in Harlem most of the album. I came to the Bronx to record. I traveled a little bit, but for the most part, I was rapping about what I knew. But for this next album, it’s just going to be the growth from that and where I am at now with it. A little bit of me reminiscing about my childhood, probably or whatever comes to mind.”

A$AP Rocky’s protégé has been hard at work cultivating his new sound. In an effort to debut his progression, he dropped the ‘Ferg Forever’ mixtape in November, which features collaborations with Big K.R.I.T., among others. However, he feels his supporters need to listen more to what he's putting out there.

“I felt like my fans didn’t know me [on 'Ferg Forever'],” he states. “They couldn’t see past the grills and camouflage hats, which is cool because it is me. But there are other parts of me that can help people and help people understand themselves. Understand that I am a person, I’m not just thugging... I think I’m conscious. It’s alright to say no to certain s--- that’s not cool or you feel like it’s not cool."

It's apparent Ferg is setting his sights high for the new year and beyond. He wants to leave a lasting impression like the great artists before him -- even if they fall outside of the hip-hop box.” I’ma be here for a real long time, just doing a bunch of fly s--- like how Elvis and Jimi Hendrix was during their time. Little Richard or whoever. James Brown. I’ma be that of my time.”

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