As the mainstream popularity of Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future continues to rise, the group has not only landed themselves the cover of this month's Billboard Magazine, but the dubious title as the "future of the music business." The 9-person clique, also known by the full name Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA, have managed to use social networking to their benefit catapulting them to a steady amount of recent media interest, comparisons to the Wu-Tang Clan, and a co-sign from Kanye West given to founder Tyler, the Creator, for his 'Yonkers' video.

Even though their music, characterized by some as misogynistic and gory, seems to be on par with turning off the masses, the exact opposite is what seems to be happening. Yet of course there are critics who, according to sound engineer and sole female member Syd the Kid, choose to take issue with their music. "People just choose to be offended by stuff. If they are, then that sucks and I'm sorry, but they don't have to keep listening," she told the magazine. "Words are words. They don't act out what they say, they just say it."

After collectively releasing several mixtapes, and two group albums, including last year's 'Radical,' major labels finally came looking to strike a deal, a move which they spoofed in a recent Funny of Die skit. While Tyler has signed a one album deal with indie label XL Recordings, how OFWGKTA will transcend the underground music scene without losing their authenticity and live up to the hype, is a notion that Tyler has pondered. "I could be a complete failure come June," he said of his forthcoming album 'Goblin,' due out this summer. "'Goblin' could brick. Everyone could hate it. The hype could be over. I could be back to trying to fill out junior college [applications]. But I don't see that happening. I see Grammys."

It looks like that's the path that lays ahead of them. According to the feature, the group have already been tapped for their own Adult Swim segment on the Cartoon Network. Their management describes the show as "a mixture of 'Jackass' and 'Chappelle's Show,'" that play off their "homemade comedy skits" from their "pre-buzz days."

Next up, OFWGKTA will take their act to the stage at the famed SXSW music festival, whether or not their refreshing strand of hip-hop will save the music industry, remains to be seen.